Separate Branch “Aviation Training and Certification Center” (ATCC), as a successor to the State Enterprise “Main Ukrainian Training Certification Center of Civil Aviation”, was created in 2014 by integrating to Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise by the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine of 30.09.2013 No. 739.

Main tasks of ATCC:

  • instructional, certification, training and production support of aviation activity entities residing and not residing in Ukraine

  • meeting the demands of consumers, enterprises, organizations and institutions for all types of professional training of civil aviation specialists, subjects of aviation activity and non-productive infrastructure organizations

With aim of arrangement and provision of professional training at ATCC the educational training and certification units were established for the following aviation personnel:

  • flight attendants
  • aircrew
  • engineering personnel
  • ground maintenance personnel

The professional training of aviation personnel is carried out in the following areas:

  • initial training
  • refresher training
  • conversion training
  • advanced training
  • language training
  • other kinds of training necessary to receive the certificate and qualification marks

DISTANCE training of aviation personnel

Aviation Training and Certification Centre of UkSATSE (ATCC) introduced the distance learning system of in the advanced (refresher) training courses for flight personnel in general disciplines (Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Air Law, Human Factor, Rules of Radio Contact), and in special disciplines for types of aircraft: IL-76, An-2, An-12, An-24, An-26, An-32, An-140.

Login to the system: distance training

The professional training is organized and carried out according to the ICAO and EU standards pursuant to the properly approved programs.

Practical training in ATCC is performed with usage of training equipment modeling process of air traffic management, namely such simulators as:

  • simulator AN-24/26/32
  • simulator Yak-40
  • simulator AN-2