ATCC of UkSATSE performs functions of postgraduate educational institution and is the holder of the following Certificates of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine:

  • Approval Certificate for Organization of Maintenance Training and Examination dated 11.01.2013 № UA.147.0006;

  • Certificate for the right to perform training of flight personnel in Ukraine and perform training for obtaining the crew member (FTO) certificate and introducing qualification marks in the cabin crew certificate and perform certification of the candidates for obtaining certificate and flight personnel for prolongation of certificate validity term dated 24.05.2017 № UA/TRTO-009/2017, valid till 24.05.2020, annex;

  • Certificate dated 14.10.2014 № GH008 for the right for professional training of the ground maintenance personnel in accordance with the adopted training programs in the following areas:

    • ground administration and monitoring;
    • passenger servicing;
    • baggage handling in the sorting and baggage dispensing areas;
    • aircraft servicing;
    • ramp servicing.
  • Certificate regulating performance of primary UkSATSE personnel training on aviation safety dated 12.05.2016 № UA/AS–10/2016.